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Ports with a big home

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Stadt an der Elbe

Between Hamburg-Bergedorf and Wittenberge there are 43 marinas waiting to be discovered!

The "Elbe Fleet"

and its captains of passion

Schifffahrt Elbe

From the historic paddle steamer to the modern excursion boat, from the Port of Hamburg and Dove-Elbe to the Elbe River Landscape Biosphere Reserve and to Wittenberge.

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Beautiful locations and places

along the Elbe

Stadt an der Elbe

Atmospheric small towns, half-timbered places and villages - along the Elbe there is plenty to do and see!

Cast off and down to the Elbe

Welcome to the Elbe River between Hamburg and Wittenberge. Experience the fascinating and mostly untouched nature in the Elbe meadows (or the UNESCO Elbe River Landscape Biosphere Reserve), the well-equipped marinas, and the various boat offers from modern passenger ships to the historic paddle steamer. You can also enjoy the charming little towns along the Elbe with cosy restaurants and great offers. There are endless possibilities on and around the big river for leisure time captains, ship gazers, motorboaters, canoeists, cycling enthusiasts, hikers, city strollers and nature lovers who want to recharge their batteries. This is the key to our Elbe!

ENNI Elberadweg

ENNI - a drop of water on the road

Experiences exciting audio stories and on the Elbe. Just take a look over here.


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