Angeln an der Elbe

"Good catch on the Elbe and its tributaries!"

Whether with eels, perch or zander, the Elbe is once again a rich fishing area. Between Hamburg and Wittenberge, there are many places that can be described as a "fishing paradise". Not only the Elbe offers rich fishing grounds, but also the banks of the Elbe tributaries on either side of the great river.

Deep calm prevails here over long stretches on the water and on the densely vegetated, untouched banks, only a few larger ships pass by. You can see a groyne joining the other, storks and wild geese looking for food, and above all, the white-tailed eagle. One can enjoy real, pure relaxation.


Here you can get information about fishing spots and places where you can acquire a fishing license

(Note: some regions provide more information on fishing):


The Elbe River landscape 

(The Elbe from Hohnstorf to Neu Darchau or district Harburg and district Lüneburg;

Elbe and tributaries like Seeve, Ilmenau, Luhe, Sude, Delvenau)

The Duchy of Lauenburg

(Lauenburg und Geesthacht) 
Geesthacht (fishing clubs)


(The Elbe near Boizenburg, Dömitz, Müritz-Elde-Wasserstraße, Rögnitz)


Prignitz, Land Brandenburg 
(Lenzen, Wittenberge, Havelberg)

Center for Economic Development, Building and Environment

"Zentrum für Wirtschaftsförderung, Bauen und Umwelt"

Wentorfer Str. 38a, Hamburg-Bergedorf

Tel.: 040/42891-4000 (fishing license and stamps)

Bergedorf Fishing Club

Tel.: 040/7248299 (Visitor Cards)