The Elbe-Schaalsee Biosphere Stretch

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The Elbe-Schaalsee Biosphere Stretch "BIOSPHÄRENBAND Elbe-Schaalsee" is the region that stretches from the Baltic Sea to the Elbe along the former inner German border. The two UNESCO Biosphere Reserves "Schaalsee" and "Elbe River Landscape" are connected to this region and form its core areas. 

The region has an exceptional wilderness character preserved, which offers space for tranquillity and recreation.

The visitor has the opportunity to get information about nature, history and tourism of the region in four exhibitions, namely the Grenzhus/Schlagsdorf, Pahlhuus/Zarrentin, Zeughaus/Festung Dömitz and the Biosphaerium/Bleckede.

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Biosphere Reserve of the Elbe River Landscape

Office of the Biosphere Reserve Schaalsee Department

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