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"Kurs Elbe (Elbe River Course) - Hamburg to Wittenberge" is a vital project of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

The Elbe is the defining element of our region, with high name recognition and enormous popularity.
The segment of the Elbe between Hamburg and Wittenberge has, with its unique nature, the expandable water infrastructure, the Elbe Cycle Path and its businesses and associations, great potential as a recreational and tourist destination.

Developing this potential is the goal of this cooperation project between the districts of Harburg and Lüneburg in Lower Saxony, the Duchy of Lauenburg in Schleswig-Holstein, the Mecklenburg district of Ludwigslust-Parchim, the Prignitz district of Brandenburg and the Bergedorf district of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.
The representatives of the five federal states are working closely together to promote the development of water tourism and important projects.
The Project is sponsored by the promotion fund of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. 

The following schemes and measures are already being implemented:

  • Optimisation of the public jetties for the passenger ships. Networking between the Elbe skippers and better marketing for their offers.

  • Further development of the infrastructure of the 40 marinas, especially for guest boaters. Preparation for the most comprehensive classification possible in cooperation with ADAC Ship’s Wheel Rating and the "Yellow Wave" signposting along with unified information boards.

  • Initiation, coordination and support of existing plans of municipalities, commercial and association ports, investors, water and nature conservation authorities, etc.

  • Qualifying and linking existing offers. Developing new products for the target groups, together with the companies.

  • Creation of communication tools (Website, Pocket Planner / Folding maps)

  • Development and implementation of marketing measures (promotion, events such as the "Elbe River Course Day 2013" and regular press work).

  • Cooperation and joint campaigns with the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, tourism organisations, the biosphere reserves etc.


We are happy to inform you about the current status of the project on:
Telephone: 05852 / 95 19 88 0

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A Key project of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region
Kurs Elbe (Elbe River Course). Hamburg to Wittenberge " 

Project Management and Coordination
c/o Flusslandschaft Elbe GmbH
Herr Jens Kowald, Projektleiter 
Industriestrasse 10
21354 Bleckede
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