Elbe Water Information 
Please inform yourself before your trip between Hamburg and Wittenberg about the sailing rules and the current water levels!

The Elbe River between Hamburg and Wittenberge is exceptionally beautiful, but not easy for pleasure boaters.


Comprehensive water information is provided by the Electronic Waterway Information Service (ELWIS) of the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration, and the current water levels can also be checked at ELWIS.

The Marinas also give additional information over the phone.

Here is some basic information for recreational boaters and canoeists:

  • The average flow velocity of the Elbe is 3 km/h.

  • For canoeists, it is passable only downstream and only for "experts".

  • At low water levels, the full river width cannot be used.
    Pay attention to the waterway position beacons, the transitional beacons and the buoyage.

  • Attention: At km 533 and 565 there are two water ski areas.


Waterways and Shipping Offices

In-depth, up-to-date information, e.g. about the navigation depth (or information about floods or ice flow), construction/maintenance projects on the Elbe and further links can be found on the websites of the Waterways and Shipping offices in Hamburg, Lauenburg and Wittenberge.

Leisure Boating in the Biosphere Reserve

The "recreational areas" in the Biosphere Reserve are also accepted as "landing areas". That means, anchoring and entering the riverbanks is allowed, and dogs can run freely outside the breeding and settling time. 

Further information at: http://www.elbtalaue.niedersachsen.de/elbtalaue_erleben/freizeitaktivitaeten/wassersport/kanu--und-motorwassersport-53770.html.

A Google map with the recreational areas can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=180H9KxNmp16PxeFjnCJqJZyF1m8&usp=sharing


We wish you a safe and beautiful journey!