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Take a trip to one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Europe, created during the ice age 20,000 years ago: the Elbe River Landscape. An extraordinarily diverse and varied segment starts in the southeast of Hamburg towards Wittenberge over a length of 180 river kilometres.


Pocket Planner

Many of the information on these pages can also be found in the new Pocket planner - practical and handy for anyone who wants to discover the Elbe between Hamburg and Wittenberge by boat, bike or canoe.

There is a detailed map of places of interest, the biosphere reserves, observation towers and the Elbe Cycle Path. There is also an overview of the passenger ships and much more. This planner serves as an excellent basis for planning day trips to the region.


You can order the Pocket Planner and the Image Brochures 

by the following tourism organisations:

Flusslandschaft Elbe GmbH
Industriestrasse 10
21354 Bleckede
Tel. 05852/9519880

Herzogtum Lauenburg Marketing und Service GmbH
Hauptstrasse 150
23879 Moelln
Tel. 04542/856860

Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Schwerin e.V.
Puschkinstrasse 44 / Rathaus
19055 Schwerin
Tel. 0385/59189875

Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V.
Grosser Markt 4
19348 Perleberg
Tel. 03876/30741920