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Elbe: the Barrage (Lock) of Geesthacht

The barrage of Geesthacht, which was brought into service in 1960, is located southwest of the Schleswig-Holstein town of Geesthacht and dams the water of the Elbe at 4 m above sea level. It limits the tidal influence of the North Sea upstream. In addition to a fixed low water weir near Magdeburg, it is the only barrage in the course of the river in Germany.

The barrage is located at the German Elbe-kilometre 585.9 southwest of Geesthacht. It consists of a weir with a fish ladder and a lock canal with a double lock. Another fish ladder was completed in September 2010 (now the largest fish ladder in Europe).

The height difference to be overcome is determined by the ebb and flow below the weir and is normally between about 1.30 m and 3.50 m.

Locking times and information for recreational boaters:

Locking times: 24 hours a day (Attention: special hours on holidays)

Small boats are often overlooked, so always register by phone: 04152 84691-40,